Jesus Heals Through Love


Healing is My Gift of Love unleashed totally within you. It is not something you control ay all. It is something I do freely in you. You can never predict what I will heal, when I will heal or how I will heal I will simply heal. That is all there is to it. For now I want you to simply close your eyes, silence your mind and come to Me in the silence you will experience within you. Do you trust Me enough to just be still with Me?

I tell you now. I am truly here. I am within you right now. Do not open your eyes to look around at others. Just be still. Just be with Me. Pray softly in tongues. Surrender to My Most Holy Spirit.

Pause for prayer.

First of all I heal your heart. I see your pain. I know how hard it is to bear. Give Me your pain. Say nothing. Just remain still in My Presence. Let My Spirit go where it may within you. Let it freely truly touch even the deepest recesses of your heart. Be still little one. Be still. Let My Love touch you. Let My Love fill you. Let My Love flow in you.


There! That's better. Thank you for giving Me all of you. I touch your heart. I set you free for now. Be still.


Let Me now heal aspects of your soul that need cleansing by My True Presence in you. I am here My friend. I go deeper into you. I see the stain of sin on your soul. Be still now as I cleanse you of your sin. Be still. I make your soul white as snow.


Sing praises to Me in your silent heart and soul. In this gentle time let My Love cleanse you. Let My Father's Love touch you with forgiveness. There is nothing you need to say or think. I know what I do in you. I know how to cleanse you. Keep your mind empty. Do not let the evil one distract you with stray thoughts. I know he will seek to disturb your peace.

In My Name, Jesus, I bind and cast out the spirit of distraction. I send it to the foot of My Cross immediately. I command distraction to leave now.



I now fill your soul with My Peace. I let it explode in your being. Do you wish to receive My healing in you? Do you renounce satan and all of his works? Do you renounce satan? There is no need for you to respond out loud. I read your heart's desire. I read the core of your soul. I know you are Mine.


By now you are questioning if these are truly My words or just words conjured up by your speaker to lull you into never never land. Thus I will heal something physically in you to prove that I am truly Jesus speaking in you through your speaker.

Do nothing. Say nothing. Think nothing. Just be still. I will pray over you.

I lift My hands over you to symbolize My Dominion over all things. I simply ask My Father to touch you in some form. In My Name, Jesus, I bind and cast out the spirits of cynicism and doubt. I send them immediately to the foot of My Cross. I enter the space left by their leaving.

In My Name, Jesus, I also bind and cast out the spirits of hopelessness and despair. I send them to the foot of My Cross immediately. Be still once more. Imagine a music ministry plays and sings "Amazing Grace." Let My words in this song penetrate your heart, your soul and your mind as My Spirit heals you from within now.

I will raise My hand and pray in tongues. You are to do nothing. Song!


Rest now in the splendor of My Love in you. Be at Peace as My Love resurrects you anew. Know that I love you. Experience Me in you. My Amazing Grace sets you free now and forever more.



Review what happened in you. How did you experience Me in you?

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